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Girls Most Unique And Fun Gifts for 9-Year-Old

Looking for a gift as vibrant and delightful as your favourite 9-year-old girl? Our curated selection of unique and fun gifts promises to dazzle and inspire her imaginative spirit

From crafty DIY kits to cool toys, we’ve got you covered. With ideas like odd socks, Origami Flower Lights, Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms, and more, these unique gifts are sure to bring a smile to her face. Whether she’s into fashion, arts and crafts, or just having fun, we have something that will make her jump with joy.

Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the perfect present and make her day extra special with one of these great gift ideas. Today we will talk about the most unique and fun gifts for 9-year-old girls.

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20 Most Unique And Fun Gifts for 9-Year-Old Girls

01. Kids Makeup Kit for Girl

From dressing up to parties and activities, or just princess time, there are a lot of makeup tools in this makeup box with a handle. Beautifully shaped, rounded, and burr-free, it’s the perfect birthday, Christmas, Halloween, or other holiday makeup toy gift for kids aged 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12, and up! They can have their own makeup to meet the princess’s dream!

Hollyhi 41 Pcs Kids Makeup Kit for Girl

Photo: Amazon

02. Klmars Charm Bracelet Making Kit

This charm bracelet-making kit makes an excellent gift for girls who enjoy DIY projects. It’s not only entertaining but also encourages their artistic expression and enhances their fine motor skills. Perfect arts & crafts toy for Christmas, birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that girls will cherish.

Crafty DIY Kits - best gift for 9 years old girl

Photo: Amazon

03. Dance Mat Toys

If you’re looking for a gift for your kids, don’t hesitate to choose these creative dance mats. It is an ideal gift for girls 3-4 5-7 6-8 8-10 10-12 years old. And the best hot toy gift for birthdays, Children’s Day, resurrection holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays or festivals.

Dance Mat Toys

Photo: Amazon

04. Fidget Pen for Girls

Magnetic Fidget Pen Multifunction Writing Instrument: This magnetic pen is not only a smooth writing pen but also a finger-fidget toy. It can be rotated and transformed into a variety of creative, free combinations and multiple, diverse plays. Craft DIY decorations for office study life. It can be used as a neutral or sensitive touch pen, with freely combinable and varied shapes. Great toys for 8-year-old girls as gift ideas

Fidget Pen for Girls

Photo: Amazon

05. Sueseip Kids Smart Watch Girls

Ideal Gift for Kids: The Sueseip Kids smartwatch is an ideal gift for kids. This watch frame is made of zinc alloy, and the strap is made of food-grade silicone. It can be safely worn for a whole day. Built-in 500mAh large battery capacity, long-lasting battery; additionally, it doesn’t need to download and update the APP to avoid the instability of frequent updates. It’s a good choice as a Christmas gift or birthday gift for girls 8–10 years old.

Sueseip Kids Smart Watches Girls

Photo: Amazon

06. Bubble Wands LED Light and Music Bubble Machine

The bubble wands make a fantastic gift for any occasion. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just a special treat, the Bubble Wands will delight any child with their magical fairy tale design and captivating bubbles, lights, and music. So, give the gift of imagination and wonder with the Bubble Wands

LED Light & Music Bubble Machine

Photo: Amazon

07. PROGRACE Kids Camera Girls Gift

Perfect Gift for Kids: This toddler video camera has a cute, stable structure and is full of functions. Children can easily take photos and videos and experience the fun of photography. A perfect gift for kids on birthdays, Christmas, holidays, and the new year

PROGRACE Kids Camera Girls Gift

Photo: Amazon

08. Ahegao Unisex Kids Hoodies 3D

Design: Vogue 3D printed patterns contain boys’ and girls’ favourite unicorns, dog pugs, cartoon dinosaurs, fish, dolphins, sharks, horses, pegasus, rainbow stripes, space, planets, and galaxy; Unique, adorable, and pretty stylish for children.

Ahegao Unisex Kids Hoodies Sweaters 3D Printed Casual Hooded Sweatshirts with Big Pockets for 4-14T Boys Girls

Photo: Amazon

09. KAZOKU Crafts for Girls 3D

A 3D coloring puzzle set for kids as a birthday gift is the perfect art supply for kids 6–12 years old. The coloring puzzle is an arts and crafts activity suitable for both children and adults. Puzzles for kids ages 8–10 as birthday gifts for boys and girls

KAZOKU Crafts for Girls 3D

Photo: Amazon

10. Paint & Plant Stoneware Flower Gardening Kit

A fun and educational gift for all ages: It’s not often that a fun project can be educational, but this flower-growing kit achieves both! It fascinates children as soon as they pull it out of the box and teaches them the lifecycle of plants and botany. With the freedom to draw, paint, and plant as they please, every child is guaranteed to have a blast.

Paint & Plant Stoneware Flower Gardening Kit

Photo: Amazon

11. Unicorn Craft Kit for Kids

The unicorn night light is a perfect gift idea for younger kids as well as teens. This crafty unicorn night light will brighten up any room

Unicorn Craft Kit for Kids

Photo: Amazon

12. ALLCELE Girls Robot Toy

This cute and funny robot is designed in two parts. The upper part is a cute robot with a pair of LED eyes, and the gesture can be adjusted. The bottom part is a pair of tank tracks. Besides, we adopted exquisite packaging for this robot. It will be a great birthday or Christmas gift for your kids. Robot Size: inches.

ALLCELE Girls Robot Toy

Photo: Amazon

13. Nail Art Studio for Girls

THE PERFECT GIFT: It fascinates children as soon as they pull it out of the box and is a perfect project for friends or family. The process is fun, and the final results are immensely satisfying. Mix and match to your heart’s content.

Nail Art Studio for Girls

Photo: Amazon

14. COO&KOO Charm Bracelet Making Kit

COO&KOO Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Photo: Amazon

15. Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit for Kids

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit for Kids

Photo: Amazon

16. Pink Cinema Light Box with 400 Letters, Emojis, and 2 Markers

400LETTERS & 180 EMOJIS: Marquee light box with 110 pink letters, 110 colour letters, and 180 emojis. You can fit up to 10 letters in each row! Unlike others with just 8–9, This makes our pink cinematic light box an original gift for girls and women for any special occasion. Original gift for birthdays and Christmas for a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12-year-old girl.

Pink Cinema Light Box with 400 Letters & Emojis & 2 Markers

Photo: Amazon

17. SHASHIBO-Shape Shifting Box

A transformational gift, our sensory magnet cubes make great sensory stimulation puzzle gifts and steam and stem toy gifts for all ages. With every satisfying click, our shape-shifting puzzle box’s calming, therapeutic effect soothes away stress and nerves. Try this gift box set of 4—the ultimate sensory toy set for loved ones to build killer extended structures!

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

Photo: Amazon

18. BRIGHTWORLD Moon Galaxy Lamp

BRIGHTWORLD Moon Galaxy Lamp

Photo: Amazon

19. ZGMYC Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag

NICE GIFT: Candy-colored designs go with all little outfits, perfect accessories for any dressing style on any occasion! And it is a wonderful gift for your princess.

ZGMYC Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag

Photo: Amazon

20. Vlando Jewelry Box for Girls Princess Style Girls Jewelry Box

Vlando Jewelry Box for Girls Princess Style Girls Jewelry Box

Photo: Amazon

Most Unique And Fun Gifts Categories Ideas for 9-year-old-girl

01. Crafty Diy Kits

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a 9-year-old girl who loves to get creative, you can’t go wrong with crafty DIY kits. Not only do these kits provide endless hours of entertainment, but they also foster artistic expression and creativity. Whether she’s into painting, drawing, jewelry making, or sewing, there’s a DIY kit out there that’s sure to capture her imagination.

Artistic Expression And Creativity

Encourage her artistic expression and creativity with DIY kits that allow her to explore different art forms. From painting to drawing, there are endless options available that will spark her imagination. These kits often come with a variety of materials, such as paint brushes, canvases, colored pencils, and sketchbooks, so she’ll have everything she needs to create her own masterpieces.

Diy Jewelry Making Kits

If she has a passion for accessories and loves to experiment with different styles, a DIY jewelry-making kit is the perfect gift. These kits typically include beads, charms, and string, allowing her to design and create her own unique pieces of jewelry. Whether she wants to make bracelets, necklaces, or even earrings, she’ll have a blast putting her creativity to work.

Painting Or Drawing Sets

For the aspiring artist, a painting or drawing set can provide hours of entertainment and artistic exploration. These sets often include a variety of paints, brushes, and paper or canvases, allowing her to experiment with different painting techniques. Whether she prefers watercolors, acrylics, or oil paints, she’ll love having her own set to create beautiful works of art.

Sewing Or Knitting Kits

If she’s interested in fashion or has a knack for needlework, a sewing or knitting kit can be a great gift idea. These kits typically include yarn, needles, and instructions, so she can learn basic sewing or knitting techniques and create her own projects. From scarves and hats to small stuffed animals and accessories, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what she can create. It’s really great to have sewing or knitting kits as the best gift for a 9-year-old girl.

These crafty DIY kits are not only fun and engaging but also provide valuable educational and developmental benefits. They encourage problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills, all while allowing her to express herself creatively. So, if you’re searching for that perfect gift for a 9-year-old girl, consider one of these crafty DIY kits—it’s sure to be a hit!

2. Cool Toys

A surprise gift for a 9-year-old girl with cool toys and crafty DIY kits that she will absolutely love From adorable Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms to funky light-up frames, these unique gifts will bring her joy and excitement.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a 9-year-old girl, cool toys are always a hit. These toys not only provide hours of entertainment but also promote creativity, problem-solving skills, and active play. From STEM toys and kits to building sets and outdoor toys, there are plenty of options to choose from that will captivate her imagination and keep her engaged. Explore these different categories to find the coolest toys for your 9-year-old girl.

Stem Toys And Kits

Stem Toys  -best gift for 9 years old girls

Photo: Amazon

STEM toys are designed to encourage the development of science, technology, engineering, and math skills in a fun and interactive way. These toys not only entertain but also educate, making them the perfect gift for a young girl with an interest in these subjects. Whether she dreams of becoming a future engineer, scientist, or programmer, there is a wide range of STEM toys and kits available that cater to her interests. From coding robots to chemistry sets, these toys will encourage her curiosity and love for learning.

Building Sets And Construction Toys

Building sets and construction toys are a great way to foster creativity and problem-solving skills in young girls. These toys allow them to build, create, and customize their own designs, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play. From LEGO sets to magnetic building blocks, there are plenty of options available that will satisfy her desire to construct and play. These toys not only promote spatial awareness and fine motor skills but also encourage collaboration and teamwork if she chooses to build with friends or family. That’s why experienced parents consider it the best gift for a 9-year-old girl.

best gift for 9 years old girls

Photo: Amazon

Interactive And Educational Games

Interactive and educational games are a fantastic gift option that combines fun with learning. These games engage her mind and challenge her problem-solving abilities while keeping her entertained. From puzzle games to trivia quizzes, there are numerous options to choose from that cover various subjects and interests. Look for games that are age-appropriate and offer educational value, such as word-building games, math puzzles, or science-based trivia games. These games will provide hours of entertainment while boosting her cognitive skills and knowledge.

Outdoor Toys And Sports Equipment

Encourage an active lifestyle and outdoor play with the gift of outdoor toys and sports equipment. Getting her outside and active not only promotes physical health but also enhances social skills and strengthens her coordination. From bicycles and scooters to jump ropes and ball games, there are endless options available that will keep her engaged and having fun outdoors. Consider her interests and choose toys that align with her hobbies, such as a basketball hoop for the aspiring athlete or a set of inline skates for the adventurous spirit.

In summary, cool toys are a great gift idea for a 9-year-old girl. Whether it’s a STEM toy to fuel her curiosity, a building set to unlock her creativity, an educational game to challenge her mind, or an outdoor toy to keep her active, these options provide entertainment, learning, and fun all in one. Choose a toy that aligns with her interests, and watch her excitement and joy as she unwraps a gift she’ll truly enjoy.

3. Unusual And Quirky Gifts

Looking for something out of the ordinary to surprise a 9-year-old girl? We’ve got you covered! Our collection of unusual and quirky gifts is sure to make her eyes light up with excitement. From funky fashion accessories to whimsical room decor, these gifts are perfect for a one-of-a-kind personality. Check out our top picks below!

Odd Socks In Fun Designs

Tired of boring matching socks? Give her a fun twist with odd socks in vibrant and playful designs. These mismatched socks are not only fashionable but also practical. No more wasting time searching for pairs; simply mix and match for a unique and funky look every day. From cute animals to funky patterns, these socks will add a touch of fun to her outfit.

socks gift for 9 years old girls

Photo: Amazon

Origami Flower Lights For Room Decor

Create a magical atmosphere in her room with origami flower lights. These delicate and beautiful lights can be hung on the walls or placed on a bedside table. With their soft glow and intricate design, they add a touch of elegance to any space. Your 9-year-old girl will love the calming ambiance these lights create, making it the perfect addition to her room decor.

home decor best gift for 9 years old girls

Photo: Amazon

Arm Warmers In Unique Patterns

Keep her cozy and stylish with arm warmers in unique patterns. These fashion accessories not only keep her arms warm in colder months but also make a fashion statement. With an array of patterns to choose from, she can express her individuality and stay trendy at the same time. Whether she’s into stripes, polka dots, or animal prints, there’s an arm warmer to match her style.

best gifts for 9 years old girls

Photo: Amazon

Funky Light-up Frames

gift for 9 years old girls

Photo: Amazon

Add a fun and vibrant touch to her bedroom with funky light-up frames. These frames come in various shapes and sizes, and they light up in different colors. She can showcase her favorite photos or artwork while enjoying the soft glow of the frame. It’s a whimsical and funky way to display her memories and make her room truly unique.

Surprise your 9-year-old girl with these unusual and quirky gifts that go beyond the ordinary. From odd socks to origami flower lights, and arm warmers to funky light-up frames, there’s something for every taste and style. Make her feel special with these unique presents that will make her jump with joy!

4. Personalized Accessories

Spoil the 9-year-old girl in your life with personalized accessories like Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms for her Crocs. These unique and adorable gifts will make her jump with joy.

From customized jewelry to monogrammed bags, personalized accessories make thoughtful and unique gifts for 9-year-old girls. Adding a personal touch to their favorite accessories allows them to showcase their individuality and style. Here are some fantastic options to consider:

Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms For Crocs

Crocs have become a popular footwear choice among kids, and with Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms, they can add even more personality to their shoes. These adorable charms easily clip onto the holes of Crocs, allowing girls to express themselves through their footwear. Whether they choose a charm that represents their favorite hobby, animal, or character, Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms will add a fun and personal touch to their shoes.

shoes gift for 9 years old girls

Photo: Amazon

Customized Jewelry Or Keychains

Jewelry is always a special gift, and personalized jewelry takes it to the next level. Consider getting a necklace or bracelet with their name or initials engraved. Another fantastic option is a keychain with their name or a meaningful symbol. These small but meaningful accessories will make them feel loved and cherished.

Customized Jewelry for 9 year girls

Photo: Amazon

Monogrammed Bags Or Backpacks

Every girl needs a bag or backpack to carry her belongings, so why not make it extra special with a monogram? Having their initials embroidered or engraved on a bag or backpack will not only make it unique but also help them easily identify their belongings. Whether it’s a cute tote bag for sleepovers or a sturdy backpack for school, the personalized touch will make it their new favorite accessory.

Backpacks A gift for 9 years old girl

Photo: Amazon

Engraved Or Embroidered Clothing

Clothing can also be personalized to reflect their individuality. Consider getting them a t-shirt, hoodie, or hat with their name, favorite quote, or a meaningful symbol embroidered or engraved on it. This way, they can wear their personality and style with pride. Whether they love sports, music, or art, there are endless options to personalize their clothing and make it extra special.

Birthday Girl Party T-Shirt for 9 Year old girls

Photo: Amazon

When it comes to choosing gifts for 9-year-old girls, personalized accessories are always a hit. Whether it’s Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms, customized jewelry, monogrammed bags, or engraved clothing, these gifts show that you took the time to choose something unique and thoughtful just for them. The added personal touch allows them to express themselves and feel extra special. Surprise the special girl in your life with one of these personalized accessories, and watch her jump with joy!

5. Fashion And Artistic Supplies

Surprise her with a gift for the 9-year-old girl in your life with fashion and artistic supplies that she’ll love. From funky light-up frames to fashion sketch pads, these unique gifts will bring out her creative side and make her jump with joy. Don’t forget the adorable Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms, perfect for Crocs and a great present for teacher appreciation.

Fashion Sketch Pads And Design Kits

Fashion Deseing Sketch book for Beginners - 9 years old girls

Photo: Amazon

Let your little fashionista unleash her creativity with fashion sketch pads and design kits. These handy tools are perfect for 9-year-old girls who love to dream up their own stylish outfits. With pre-drawn figures and a variety of clothing templates, she can mix and match different styles, colors, and patterns to create her very own fashion collection. Encourage her to experiment with different design elements, from fancy dresses to edgy streetwear. This not only helps develop her artistic skills but also sparks her imagination and sense of style.

Makeup Or Beauty Sets

For the girl who enjoys experimenting with different looks or wants to explore the world of makeup, a makeup or beauty set is an ideal gift. Opt for age-appropriate sets that include fun and vibrant colors, safe for young skin. These sets often include lip gloss, nail polish, and blush, allowing her to get creative with her personal style. Encourage her to experiment with different looks and express herself through the art of makeup. It’s a great way for her to develop confidence and enhance her self-expression skills.

Makeup or Beauty Set for girls

Photo: Amazon

Art Supplies For Drawing Or Painting

If she has a passion for drawing or painting, an art supply set is a fantastic gift choice. Look for sets that include a variety of drawing pencils, watercolors, sketchbooks, and paintbrushes. These supplies provide endless opportunities for her to explore her artistic abilities and expand her creativity. Whether she wants to create detailed drawings or experiment with colorful paintings, these art supplies will help her bring her imagination to life. Encourage her to explore different techniques and styles, and she may discover her own unique artistic voice.

Drawing-painting set for 9 years girls

Photo: Amazon

Hair Accessories And Styling Tools

Every girl loves to experiment with different hairstyles, so why not gift her some fun hair accessories and styling tools? From colorful hair clips and headbands to hair ties and ribbons, these accessories allow her to express her individuality and add a touch of flair to her locks. Additionally, consider gifting her some basic styling tools such as a curling iron or hair straightener suitable for her age, allowing her to experiment with different looks and unleash her inner hairstyle. These gifts will not only make her feel special but also encourage her to try new hairstyles and develop her personal style.

Gift for 9 Years Old Girl: Unique and Joyful Presents for Tweens


Frequently Asked Questions For Most Unique And Fun Gifts for 9-Year-Old Girls

What are some unusual gift ideas for a 9-year-old girl?

For an unusual gift, consider something that encourages a new hobby or is personalized. DIY science kits, personalized storybooks, or terrarium-making kits can be exciting gifts that stand out.

Can you suggest unique and fun birthday gifts for a 9-year-old girl?

Absolutely! A 3D printing pen, a karaoke machine with her favorite songs, or an interactive globe that teaches about different countries and cultures can make her birthday special and fun.

What is a good gift for a 9-year-old girl in India?

A good gift for a 9-year-old Indian girl could be something that reflects her interests. Traditional Indian dance or music lessons, a cricket set for kids, or a chess set (considering the popularity of chess in India) would be thoughtful choices.

Where can I find the most unique and fun gifts for a 9-year-old girl on Amazon?

Amazon offers a wide range of gifts. Look for unique craft kits, like a jewelry-making set or an augmented reality (AR) coloring book that brings her creations to life through an app.

What are the most unique and fun gifts for a 9-year-old boy?

Consider gifts that cater to his curiosity and activity levels. A beginner’s electronics kit, a build-your-own robot set, or an outdoor exploration kit complete with a compass, binoculars, and a magnifying glass could be both unique and fun.

Can you recommend unusual gifts for a 9-year-old boy?

For something unconventional, you might opt for a virtual reality (VR) headset designed for kids, a book on coding for children, or a set of brain-teaser puzzles that challenge his problem-solving skills.

What toys from Amazon are suitable for 9-year-old girls?

On Amazon, look for educational toys that are rated well by other buyers, such as craft kits, interactive books on science and technology, or STEM building sets designed for young engineers.

How can I find unusual gifts for a 9-year-old girl on

Use Amazon’s search filters to find unique gifts by selecting the “handmade” or “personalizable” options. Also, consider looking at “Amazon’s Choice” or “Best Seller” items in the educational toys category for high-rated unique finds.

What Do You Get A Girl For Her 9th Birthday?

Gifts for a girl’s 9th birthday include DIY kits, cool toys, odd socks, Origami Flower Lights, arm warmers, light-up frames, fashion sketch pads, and Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms for Crocs. These unique gifts will make her jump with joy.

What Do 9-Year-Old Girls Like?

9-year-old girls love a variety of things, including crafty DIY kits, cool toys, and unique gifts like Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms. They also enjoy receiving odd socks, Origami Flower Lights, arm warmers, funky light-up frames, and fashion sketch pads.

Surprise her with these ideas, and watch her jump with joy!

What Can I Gift a 9-Year-Old?

You can gift a 9-year-old crafty DIY kit, cool toys, odd socks, Origami Flower Lights, arm warmers, light-up frames, fashion sketch pads, and Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms. These unique gifts will bring joy to the tween in your life.

What Do 9–12-Year-Olds Like?

9- to 12-year-olds like a variety of things, from DIY kits and cool toys to unique gifts like odd socks, origami lights, and fashion sketch pads. They also enjoy Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms for Crocs and tying presents for teacher appreciation.

These options will bring excitement to their lives.


From trendy DIY kits to fun toys, we have curated a list of unique and exciting gifts for 9-year-old girls. Whether it’s odd socks that never fail to bring a smile or funky light-up frames that add a touch of style, these presents are sure to bring joy to the tween in your life.

Don’t forget to check out our selection of Jibbitz Shoe Spirit Charms, perfect for adding charm to Crocs. Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the perfect gift and bring happiness with these amazing options.

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