The 12 Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults in 2024

Finding the best trampolines for both kids and adults can be a balancing act. Learn about the top-rated trampolines of 2024 for all ages and abilities, bouncing fun. This guide reviews 10 feature-packed trampolines with safety enclosures, weather resistance, and adjustable bounce. Compare trampoline weight limits, warranties, sizes, and brands recommended for families with both young kids and active adults. Get the whole family jumping safely with 2024’s ultimate multi-age trampoline picks.

In recent years, trampolines have soared in popularity as a source of both family fun and fitness. Once seen primarily as a plaything for kids, trampolines have evolved into a versatile addition to family life, offering a unique blend of health benefits and entertainment for all ages. This surge in popularity is driven by the recognition of trampolining as a fun way to engage in physical activity, improve coordination, and even strengthen familial bonds.

The ideal trampoline for the whole family combines the energy-burning bounce that developing kids and daring adults love with the safety features and moderate lift heights that give parents peace of mind. These trampolines are specially designed to keep thrill-seeking tweens, teens, and adults bouncing happily while still allowing supervised younger kids to play.

In this 2024 guide to top-rated trampolines for all ages, I highlight the latest multi-user trampoline models, perfect for families with both children and adults. From adjustable bounce mechanisms to extra-wide jump spaces, these trampoline picks stand out for allowing kids as young as 3 years to get in on the bouncing fun right alongside their parents, grandparents, older siblings, and babysitters.

Let the whole family enjoy exercise, laughs, and moments of awe together, with the safest trampolines offering just the right amount of sky-high bounce for all ages. Keep reading to discover 2024’s top backyard and indoor trampoline picks for both kids and adults!

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Key Considerations for Multi-Age Trampoline Shopping

When searching for a trampoline that will meet the needs of both children and adults in your family, there are a few important factors to weigh:

Weight Limits and Load Testing

The maximum user weight a trampoline can safely handle is crucial. Many child trampolines max out at just 75–100 lbs, while full-sized adult trampolines start at around 200 lbs in weight capacity. For a multi-age trampoline, look for an extended weight range closer to 350–450 lbs for durability over years of use. Check the manufacturer’s testing for the maximum number of people and combined weights.

Adjustable Bounce Capability

The ideal multi-user trampoline lets you fine-tune rebound height and bounce feel. Trampolines with tension bands, numbered springs, or alternate spring patterns allow you to adjust to the perfect low bounce for smaller kids or the higher bounce preferred by adult users. This helps create a tailored experience

Safety Features

Thick foam padding over all springs and frames reduces injury risks for bounced-off little ones. Enclosed nets provide an additional barrier, preventing falls to the ground. Handlebars offer stability for tentative jumpers. Look for weather-resistant steel parts, too.

Durability and Weather-Resistance

For long-term investment and child-to-adult use, inspect frame construction, weight ratings, and warranties closely. Rust-resistant steel frames, galvanization, and UV treatments protect against elemental damage over years left uncovered outdoors.

The 10 Best Trampoline Picks for Families in 2024

Explore our selection of the best trampolines for both kids and adults, perfect for family fun and fitness. Find durable, safe, and high-quality options for endless backyard entertainment.

1. SkyBound Stratos Trampoline: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

SkyBound Springfree Trampoline offers a revolutionary, safe bouncing experience, eliminating springs for enhanced safety and endless family fun.

SkyBound Springfree Trampoline

Photo: Skyboundusa

Key Specs:

12-foot-diameter jumping surface
330 lb weight limit
8 padded poles with safety enclosure net
Rust-resistant steel frame and springs
10-year warranty on frame and mat


Handlebar suited for kids learning to jump
Adjustable spring option changes bounce height
The high weight limit grows with the family
A tight net weave keeps pets and objects safe


Price point higher than competitors
The anchor kit is sold separately

2. JUMPZYLLA Trampoline for All Ages: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

Jumpzylla Trampoline for Kids: A world of safe, high-energy fun, designed to delight kids with its durable construction and kid-friendly features

Photo: Amazon

Fun that lasts is what kids desire, and that’s exactly what the Jumpzylla super trampoline delivers! Designed to maintain its fresh, new look for years, it features a frame galvanized both inside and out, complemented by powder-coated legs for enhanced rust protection. The thick, waterproof foam padding ensures a longer lifespan for your trampoline. Plus, for added convenience and comfort, we’ve included a luxury plastic-covered ladder, making it easy and safe for both toddlers and older kids to access their favorite indoor trampoline

Key Specs:

  • 10-foot-wide oval jump space
  • 450 lb. total weight limit
  • 96 8.5” springs with foam covers
  • Frame warranty: 5 years (mats: 1 year)


  • ASTM-Approved Outdoor Trampoline for Kids
  • Extreme bounce flexibility for daring jumpers
  • Meets competition gymnastics standards
  • Can handle big crowds for party fun
  • Good value for safety features


  • Younger kids need handheld guidance
  • It is unclear if anchors are required

3. Magic Circle Round Trampoline: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

Photo: MagicCircle

Key Specs:

  • 12-foot-round jumping surface
  • 330 lb. total weight limit
  • 96 galvanised, rust-resistant springs
  • Reinforced T-joint construction


  • Budget price point under $300
  • Complies with safety standards
  • Easy-access zippered door
  • Responsive customer service


  • There are fewer warranties than premium brands
  • Occasional pole support issues noted

4. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

Experience the perfect blend of safety and performance with the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline, designed for both aspiring gymnasts and family fun

Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net - Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

Photo: Amazon

Key Specs:

  • 15 x 9-foot mat size
  • 500 lb total weight limit
  • Reinforced steel tubes, rust-resistant
  • Attaches to basketball hoop and swing


  • Huge mat suits ages 5+
  • Weather-resistant build
  • Adaptable with games or swing
  • High weight capacity


  • Time-intensive assembly
  • Price climbs with add-ons

5. Pure Fun Ladybug Jumper Trampoline: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

Photo: Amazon

Key Specs:

  • 36” round mat
  • Handles with padded cover
  • Supports 100 lbs
  • Frame height: 14 feet off the ground


  • The perfect toddler trampoline
  • Easy folding and storage
  • Affordable, low price point
  • Cute ladybug theme


  • Very small, unsteady for ages 5+
  • No enclosure for security

6. SereneLife Trampoline Fitness System: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

SereneLife Portable & Foldable Trampoline

Photo: Amazon

Key Specs:

  • 3 interlocking round mats
  • 30” platform height
  • Handlebars and fitness bands
  • Supports 260 lbs


  • Unique modular mat design
  • Great low-impact exercise
  • Compact but substantial
  • Higher weight rating


  • Set-up instructions lacking
  • Limited safety without nets

7. JumpKing Rectangular Trampoline: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

JumpKing Rectangular Trampoline

Photo: Amazon

Key Specs:

  • 12 x 8-foot rectangular mat
  • 330 lb. total weight limit
  • 88 galvanised, rust-resistant springs
  • Reinforced T-sockets prevent twisting


  • Handrails are good for new jumpers
  • Option to add detachable basketball hoop
  • High weight capacity for adults
  • The roomy shape allows more jumpers


  • Steep angle on enclosure net
  • Mat warranty is only 2 years

8. Magic Circle Octagon Trampoline: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

ORCC Trampoline ASTM and CPSIA Approved 16 15 14 12 10ft Kids Recreational Trampolines with Enclosure Net Ladder Outdoor Backyard Family

Photo: Amazon

Key Specs:

  • 8 x 8-foot octagon-shaped mat
  • 300 lb. total weight limit
  • 72 springs with protective padding
  • Powder-coated galvanised steel frame


  • Great for smaller yard spaces
  • The rainbow mat appeals to kids
  • 360° handlebar for stability
  • Budget price point


  • Lower weight limit than some
  • Short 90-day frame/mat warranty

9. Exercise Trampoline by Giantex: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

Giantex Trampoline for Kids, ASTM Approved 55'' Mini Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, No-Gap Safe Design, Easy to Assemble 4.6 Ft Outdoor

Photo: Amazon

Key Specs:

  • Round, 32” mini trampoline
  • Stands 9” off ground
  • Supports 200 lbs
  • 30 tension bands


  • A perfect small trampoline for exercise
  • Folds easily for storage and portability
  • Carry bag allow transport
  • Very affordable


  • Only for single-user
  • No safety enclosure

10. Skywalker Rectangle Combo Trampoline: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net - Green

Photo: Amazon

Key Specs:

  • 15 x 9 ft. mat, 20 ft. with attachments
  • 500 lb weight limit anchored
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel
  • Options to add basketball, swing


  • Huge mat and weight capacity
  • Adapts to a variety of ages
  • Weather protection built-in


  • More expensive than the full combo
  • Time-intensive assembly

11. Atomic Octagonal Trampoline: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

BCAN 450/550 LBS Foldable Mini Trampoline, 40"/48" Fitness Trampoline with Bungees, U/T Shape Adjustable Foam Handle, Stable & Quiet Exercise

Photo: Amazon

Key Specs:

  • 8 x 8 ft. jumping mat
  • Max user weight: 245 lbs
  • 96 springs with built-in foam pads
  • Powder-coated galvanised steel


  • Generous 245 lb weight limit
  • Thick frame foam eliminates the need for mats
  • 8-year parts warranty


  • Poor net pole quality
  • Some durability complaints

12. My First Trampoline 40” by ANCHEER: Best Trampolines for Both Kids and Adults

ANCHEER 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline Max Load 450lbs, Fitness Trampoline with Bungees, Adjustable Foam Handle, Indoor Exercise Trampoline for Adults

Photo: Amazon

Key Specs:

  • 7-foot-diameter jumping surface
  • 330 lb. total weight limit
  • 88 stretch bands for bounce
  • 360° handrail


  • Enclosures are great for tentative kids
  • Adds basketball game attachment
  • High weight ratings grow with families
  • Budget price


  • Thin padding has some complaints
  • Nets may need resecuring

Safety Tips for Trampoline Use

Ensuring safety while using a trampoline is crucial to preventing injuries and maximizing enjoyment. Here are some essential guidelines for safe trampoline use:

  1. Safe Jumping Practices:
    • One Jumper at a Time: To prevent collisions, allow only one person on the trampoline at a time.
    • No Flips or Complex Stunts: Discourage flips or other complex stunts, especially without professional training, to avoid neck and head injuries.
    • Stay Centered: Encourage jumpers to stay in the center of the trampoline, where the bounce is most controlled.
    • Avoid Jumping Off: Teach children not to jump off the trampoline. Instead, they should stop bouncing and then step down carefully.
  2. Adult Supervision:
    • Constant Supervision: Always have an adult supervise children while they are using the trampoline, regardless of their age or skill level.
    • Set Clear Rules: Establish and enforce clear rules about trampoline use, such as no roughhousing, no pushing, and no unsupervised jumping.
  3. Trampoline Maintenance:
    • Regular Inspections: Regularly check the trampoline for any damage, including tears in the netting, worn-out padding, loose springs, or a damaged frame.
    • Prompt Repairs: Address any damage immediately. Do not use the trampoline until necessary repairs are made.
    • Weather Protection: Protect the trampoline from extreme weather conditions using weather covers. Store it away during harsh winters if possible.
    • Clean Regularly: Keep the surface clean from debris, leaves, or water, which can cause slipping or deterioration of materials.
  4. Additional Safety Measures:
    • Use Safety Netting: Always use a trampoline with a safety net enclosure to prevent falls.
    • Proper Padding: Ensure that the springs and the frame are adequately covered with protective padding.
    • Ground Level: If possible, set the trampoline at ground level to reduce the height of a fall.
    • Safety Certification: Choose trampolines that meet safety standards and certifications.

By following these safety tips, you can help ensure that trampoline use is a fun and safe activity for everyone involved.

Benefits of Trampolining

Trampolining offers a multitude of benefits, not just as a fun activity but also as a means to improve health and fitness for people of all ages. Additionally, it plays a significant role in family bonding and outdoor activities. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Health and Fitness Benefits:
    • Cardiovascular Improvement: Jumping on a trampoline increases heart rate and improves circulation, making it an excellent cardiovascular workout.
    • Enhanced Motor Skills: It helps in developing coordination, balance, and motor skills, as the body must maintain equilibrium while bouncing.
    • Low-Impact Exercise: Trampolining is a low-impact activity that provides a vigorous workout without putting excessive strain on the joints, unlike running or jogging.
    • Muscle Strengthening: Regular trampolining strengthens and tones muscles, particularly in the legs, abdomen, and back.
    • Weight Management: It’s an effective way to burn calories and manage or reduce weight.
    • Lymphatic System Benefits: The action of bouncing on a trampoline stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding in detoxification and boosting immune function.
  2. Family Bonding and Outdoor Activity:
    • Inclusive Family Fun: Trampolining is an activity that family members of almost any age can enjoy together, promoting bonding through shared experiences.
    • Encourages Outdoor Play: It provides a compelling reason for kids (and adults) to spend time outdoors, away from screens and sedentary indoor activities.
    • Stress Relief: The physical activity involved in trampolining can be a great stress reliever for all family members.
    • Social Interaction: It offers a platform for social interaction with family and friends, enhancing communication and cooperative play.
    • Learning Opportunity: For children, trampolining can be a fun way to learn about physical science concepts like gravity, momentum, and balance.

In summary, trampolining is a multifaceted activity that not only contributes to physical health and fitness but also fosters family togetherness and encourages spending time in the great outdoors.

Installation and Assembly of Trampolines

Setting up a trampoline can be a straightforward process if approached methodically. Here’s an overview of the installation process along with some tips to ensure easy and safe assembly:

  1. Overview of the Installation Process:
    • Unpack and Organize: Start by unpacking all parts and organizing them. Check against the provided list to ensure all components are present.
    • Frame Assembly: Begin by assembling the frame. This usually involves connecting the circular or rectangular pieces and securing them with screws or pins.
    • Spring Attachment: Once the frame is assembled, attach the springs evenly around the frame. This step requires careful attention to ensure even tension across the mat.
    • Mat Placement: Lay out the jumping mat in the center and attach it to the springs. This might require some strength and is often easier with two people.
    • Safety Net Installation: If your trampoline comes with a safety net, install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring it is taut and securely fastened.
    • Padding Attachment: Finally, cover the springs and frame with protective padding.
  2. Tips for Easy and Safe Assembly:
    • Read Instructions Thoroughly: Before starting, read through the assembly instructions provided by the manufacturer to understand the process and tools needed.
    • Use Correct Tools: Ensure you have all the necessary tools on hand, as specified in the instruction manual.
    • Seek Assistance: Some steps may require more than one person, so don’t hesitate to ask for help to make the process easier and safer.
    • Wear Protective Gear: Use gloves to protect your hands, especially when handling springs and metal parts.
    • Ensure Level Ground: Before assembly, choose a level area to set up the trampoline. This ensures stability and prevents uneven wear.
    • Double-Check All Connections: After assembly, go around the trampoline and double-check that all connections are secure and that the mat and net are properly attached.
    • Avoid Rushing: Take your time with the assembly to ensure everything is done correctly and safely.

Proper installation and assembly are crucial for the safety and longevity of the trampoline. Following these guidelines will help create a safe and enjoyable environment for users.

Price Range and Value for Money of Trampolines

When it comes to purchasing a trampoline, the price can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as size, brand, features, and quality. Understanding the price range and assessing the value for money based on features and durability is crucial in making an informed decision.

  1. Price Range of Trampolines:
    • Entry-Level Trampolines: These typically range from $100 to $300 and are generally smaller with basic features. They are ideal for younger children or for those with limited space.
    • Mid-Range Trampolines: Priced between $300 and $600, these trampolines often offer better durability, larger sizes, and additional safety features like stronger netting and padding.
    • High-End Trampolines: Ranging from $600 to $1500 or more, these premium models boast superior build quality, advanced safety features, and often include additional accessories like basketball hoops or advanced spring technology.
  2. Assessing Value for Money:
    • Durability: A higher-priced trampoline often means better materials and construction, leading to longer lifespan and better resistance to wear and tear.
    • Safety Features: Investing in a trampoline with robust safety features like sturdy frames, high-quality netting, and ample padding can be worth the extra cost for the added peace of mind.
    • Size and Capacity: Larger trampolines with higher weight capacities offer more versatility for family use and can justify a higher price.
    • Brand Reputation: Established brands might offer trampolines at a higher price point, but this often comes with reliability, better customer service, and warranties.
    • Additional Features: Features like UV-resistant mats, rust-proof frames, and innovative spring systems can enhance the trampolining experience and add value.

In conclusion, while the initial cost is an important consideration, assessing the overall value for money in terms of safety, durability, and additional features is key. A higher upfront cost can translate into a safer, more durable, and more enjoyable trampoline experience in the long run.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on Trampolines

Gathering customer reviews and feedback is essential to understanding the real-world performance and reliability of trampolines. Here’s a summary of what users typically say:

  1. Overall Satisfaction Levels:
    • Many customers express high satisfaction with their trampoline purchases, particularly praising the fun and entertainment value they provide for families.
    • Positive feedback often highlights the trampolines’ ability to engage children in physical activity outdoors.
  2. Performance Insights:
    • Users frequently commend the bounce quality and sturdiness of well-reviewed trampolines, noting that they feel secure and robust during use.
    • The smoothness of the bounce and the responsiveness of the mat are often mentioned as indicators of a quality trampoline.
  3. Safety and Durability:
    • Safety features such as netting and padding are commonly discussed, with many customers appreciating trampolines that prioritize these aspects.
    • Long-term users often comment on the durability of their trampolines, noting how well they withstand weather conditions and regular use.
  4. Assembly and Installation:
    • Feedback regarding assembly varies, with some customers finding the process straightforward, while others recommend professional assistance or at least two people for the job.
    • Clear instructions and ease of assembly are frequently cited as positives in customer reviews.
  5. Customer Service Experience:
    • Experiences with customer service, including responsiveness and helpfulness in resolving issues, are often highlighted in reviews, especially for higher-end models.
  6. Value for Money:
    • Many reviews discuss the value for money, with customers weighing the cost against the features, safety, and longevity of the trampoline.
    • Higher-priced trampolines are often deemed worth the investment for their superior quality and features.
  7. Areas for Improvement:
    • Some reviews point out areas for improvement, such as the need for more durable springs or stronger frames in certain models.

In summary, customer reviews and feedback generally paint a picture of high satisfaction, particularly with trampolines that balance fun, safety, and durability. These insights from real users are invaluable for potential buyers to make an informed decision.

Shopping Tips – Finding the Best Trampoline for Your Family

Prioritizing Safety Ratings and Warranties

When searching for a quality trampoline suitable for both kids and adults, you’ll want to closely compare key safety certifications and warranty coverage. Look for JPMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association) certification and verify the frame, mat, and other components are backed by at least a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. Higher-end brands offer 5–10-year warranties.

Measure The Backyard Space Or Indoor Playroom Area First

Before selecting the ideal trampoline, carefully measure your usable backyard space or indoor playroom area. Account for setbacks from fences, vegetation, or other structures. Refer to the sizing charts to choose a trampoline that fits your parameters for maximum enjoyment.

Plan for Future Growth and Ages with Higher Weight Limits

Consider your family’s growth when trampoline shopping. School-age kids may use it differently than toddlers or preschoolers. Find growth potential in extended weight limits of 350–500 lbs, which support adults and older kids as well as little ones under parental supervision.

Features to Splurge or Save On

Allocation of more budget for safety add-ons like enclosure netting, durability elements like galvanized rust-resistant steel frames, and assurance like UV damage coverage and 5–10 year warranties on parts. Feel comfortable saving on fancier mat patterns and less necessary accessories.

Where to Buy Trampolines

When it comes to purchasing a trampoline, there are several options available, both online and in-store, to suit different preferences and needs. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Online Retailers:
    • Amazon: Offers a wide range of trampolines from various brands, often with customer reviews and competitive pricing.
    • Walmart Online: Provides a selection of trampolines with detailed product descriptions and the option for home delivery or in-store pickup.
    • Wayfair Known for its broad selection of home goods, including trampolines, with various shipping options.
  2. Specialty Sporting Goods Stores:
    • Dick’s Sporting Goods: Offers a variety of trampolines, often with the option to see models in-store before purchasing.
    • Academy Sports + Outdoors: Provides a selection of outdoor and sporting equipment, including trampolines.
  3. Home Improvement Stores:
    • Home Depot: Carries a range of outdoor equipment, including trampolines, available both in-store and online.
    • Lowe’s: Offers outdoor play equipment, including trampolines, with the option to browse in-store.
  4. Brand-Specific Stores:
    • Consider purchasing directly from the brand’s official website for specific models, especially if looking for higher-end trampolines.
  5. Local Toy and Outdoor Play Stores:
    • Local stores may offer a selection of trampolines and provide the advantage of seeing the product before purchasing.
  6. Second-Hand Options:
    • Websites like eBay or local classifieds can be sources for used trampolines at a lower price, though it’s important to carefully assess the condition and safety.

When purchasing a trampoline, consider factors like warranty, return policy, and shipping costs. It’s also beneficial to read customer reviews and compare prices across different platforms to find the best deal.


In summary, our exploration of the best trampolines for both kids and adults in 2024 has showcased a diverse range of options, each with unique features and benefits that cater to different family needs. From compact models suitable for smaller yards to larger, feature-rich trampolines for the ultimate backyard fun, there is something for every family. These trampolines have been carefully selected for their safety, durability, and entertainment value, ensuring that both kids and adults can enjoy countless hours of healthy outdoor activity.

Investing in a trampoline is more than just purchasing a piece of play equipment; it’s about creating an environment for family bonding, physical fitness, and joyful memories. Whether it’s for energetic playtime for the kids or a fun workout for adults, a trampoline offers a unique blend of fun and fitness for all ages.

Now is the perfect time to bring this exciting addition to your home. As you look forward to making 2024 a year filled with fun and active outdoor moments, we encourage you to review our top trampoline picks. Consider the specific needs and preferences of your family, from the size of your outdoor space to the desired safety features, and choose the trampoline that best fits your lifestyle. Leap into a world of fun, fitness, and family time—select the perfect trampoline for your home today!

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