10 Best Baby Monitor Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

Ensure your baby’s safety with our selection of the best baby monitor apps for Android and iOS, providing reliable monitoring solutions at your fingertips

In the digital era, parenting has evolved with the advent of baby monitor apps for Android and iOS smartphones. These apps have become indispensable tools for modern parents, offering a blend of convenience and reassurance.

Kids need a baby monitor app to ensure their safety and well-being. With the Cloud Baby Monitor on the App Store and the Luna Baby Monitor with Video on the App Store, parents can convert their iPhones or iPads into secure baby monitors with unlimited range.

These apps provide audio and video streaming, alarms for when the baby cries, and two-way talk and audio capabilities. The BabyCam app for Android devices also offers live video feed and picture-in-picture functionality. By turning their devices into baby monitors, parents can have peace of mind knowing that they can monitor their babies at all times.

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Why Baby Monitor Apps Are Essential For Kids’ Safety

As a parent, the safety and well-being of your child are of utmost importance. When it comes to monitoring your baby’s activities and ensuring their safety, a baby monitor app is an essential tool. With advancements in technology, baby monitors have evolved from simple audio devices to sophisticated apps that allow you to monitor your baby’s activities and well-being in real time. Here are some key reasons why baby monitors are crucial for ensuring the well-being of children:

  1. Constant Monitoring: Baby monitors allow parents and caregivers to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times, even when they are not in the same room. This constant monitoring is particularly crucial for infants and toddlers who are unable to communicate their needs or distress.
  2. Peace of Mind: Knowing that they can hear or see their child at any moment provides parents with peace of mind. This is especially beneficial during the night or when parents are engaged in other activities around the home.
  3. Safety Alerts: Many modern baby monitors come equipped with features that alert parents to potential safety issues. These can include temperature sensors, sound-activated lights, and movement detectors that notify parents if the baby hasn’t moved for a certain period.
  4. Facilitates Better Sleep: For new parents, getting enough sleep can be challenging. Baby monitors can help parents feel more comfortable sleeping or engaging in restful activities, knowing they will be alerted if their child needs attention.
  5. Helps in Monitoring Health Conditions: For babies with health issues or special needs, baby monitors can be particularly beneficial. They can help parents keep an eye on their child’s breathing, sleep patterns, and overall health.
  6. Convenience and Flexibility: Baby monitors offer the convenience of monitoring your child while you are doing other tasks. This flexibility is essential for busy parents who need to balance childcare with household chores or work.
  7. Remote Connectivity: With the advent of smart baby monitors, parents can now monitor their children remotely using their smartphones. This feature is particularly useful for working parents who want to check in on their kids while they are away.
  8. Encourages Independence: As children grow, baby monitors can help parents gradually give their children more independence, starting with transitioning them to their own room, while still keeping a watchful eye.

Ability To Monitor Baby’s Activities And Well-being

The baby monitor app goes beyond just providing audio and video feeds of your baby’s room. It also allows you to monitor their activities and well-being. These apps often offer additional features such as temperature and humidity sensors, motion detection, and even sleep tracking. This means you can ensure your baby is sleeping comfortably, monitor their movements, and be alerted if there are any changes in their sleeping patterns or environment.

Moreover, some baby monitor apps even provide two-way communication, allowing you to comfort your baby with your voice when they need it. This feature can be especially helpful in soothing a fussy baby or calming them down without having to physically be present in the room.

With a baby monitor app, you have the ability to keep a close eye on your baby’s safety and well-being, helping you ensure they are always in a secure and nurturing environment. Whether it’s checking in on their naptime, monitoring their sleep patterns, or simply being able to hear and see your baby, these apps provide a valuable tool for parents.

In conclusion, baby monitors serve as a vital tool in modern parenting, significantly enhancing children’s safety. They provide a blend of constant monitoring, peace of mind, and convenience, all of which are crucial in the fast-paced and multifaceted world of parenting today.

Advantages Of Using A Baby Monitor App

Using a baby monitor app can offer several advantages over traditional baby monitors. From the convenience of using smartphones or tablets to the cost-effectiveness compared to traditional monitors, there are many reasons why parents are opting for these apps to keep an eye on their little ones. In this section, we will discuss the key advantages of using a baby monitor app. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Convenience: One of the major advantages of using a baby monitor app is the convenience it offers. Baby monitor apps allow parents to keep an eye on their child from their smartphone or tablet, offering unparalleled convenience. This means parents can monitor their baby from any location within the house, or even remotely if the app supports it.
  2. Portability: Unlike traditional baby monitors, apps do not require carrying additional equipment. As long as you have your smartphone, you have access to the monitor.
  3. Real-Time Alerts: Many baby monitor apps provide real-time alerts for noise, motion, or other specific concerns like room temperature, ensuring parents can respond quickly to their baby’s needs.
  4. Two-Way Communication: Some apps offer two-way audio features, allowing parents not only to listen in but also to talk or soothe their baby through the app.
  5. Video Monitoring: Advanced apps offer live video streaming, giving parents visual reassurance. This feature is particularly useful for checking if the baby has woken up, is crying, or needs attention.
  6. Sleep Tracking and Analysis: Certain baby monitor apps include features for tracking and analyzing the baby’s sleep patterns. This can be invaluable for understanding and improving a baby’s sleep habits.
  7. Record Keeping: Some apps allow the recording of video and audio. This can be useful for sharing milestones with family members or for keeping records.
  8. Integration with Smart Home Devices: Baby monitor apps can often be integrated with other smart home devices, like smart speakers or cameras, for a more seamless monitoring experience.
  9. Cost-Effective: Another advantage of using a baby monitor app is its cost-effectiveness. Using an app can be more cost-effective than purchasing a standalone baby monitor, especially if you own a compatible smartphone or tablet.
  10. Customizable Notifications: Parents can customize notifications based on their preferences and the specific needs of their baby, ensuring they are alerted about the most important events.

In summary, baby monitor apps offer a modern, flexible, and convenient way to keep a watchful eye on infants and toddlers, providing parents with peace of mind and additional tools to ensure their child’s safety and comfort.

Features To Look For In A Baby Monitor App

Choosing the right baby monitor app is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of your little one. With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out which features are essential. To help you make an informed decision, here are several key features to consider when looking for a baby monitor app:

  1. High-Quality Live Video Streaming: Look for an app that offers clear, high-resolution video streaming. Night vision capabilities are also important for monitoring your baby in a dark room.
  2. Two-Way Audio: This feature allows you to not only hear your baby but also talk back to them through the app. It’s useful for soothing your baby with your voice.
  3. Reliable Notifications: The app should provide real-time alerts for noise, motion, or other specific concerns like room temperature changes or if the baby hasn’t moved for a certain period.
  4. Secure Connection: Security is paramount. Ensure the app offers encrypted connections to prevent unauthorized access to the video and audio feeds.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The app should be easy to navigate and set up, making it convenient for all users, regardless of their technical expertise.
  6. Compatibility with Multiple Devices: The app should work seamlessly across various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or even desktop computers.
  7. Sleep Tracking and Analytics: Some apps offer sleep tracking features, providing insights into your baby’s sleep patterns and helping you understand and improve their sleep habits.
  8. Temperature and Humidity Sensors: Monitoring the room’s environment can be crucial for your baby’s comfort and safety. Look for apps that provide this information.
  9. Customizable Settings: The ability to customize settings such as the sensitivity of sound and motion detection, notification preferences, and camera angles can make the app more tailored to your specific needs.
  10. Remote Access: If you need to monitor your baby while away from home, look for an app that offers remote access capabilities.
  11. Battery Life Indicator: For apps that connect to battery-powered devices, a battery life indicator is essential to ensure the device doesn’t run out of power unexpectedly.
  12. Multi-Camera Support: If you have more than one child or want to monitor different rooms, look for an app that supports multiple cameras.

Top 10 Baby Monitor Apps For Ensuring Safety And Peace Of Mind

When it comes to monitoring your little one, having a reliable baby monitor app is essential for ensuring their safety and your peace of mind. With the advancements in technology, gone are the days of bulky monitors that limit your range and functionality. Now, you can transform your smartphones and tablets into powerful baby monitors, allowing you to keep an eye and ear on your baby no matter where you are.

10 top baby monitor apps that are highly recommended by experts:

01. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Known for its exceptional video quality and sleep-tracking features, Nanit Pro offers personalized sleep guidance and is equipped with a two-way audio system, allowing parents to communicate with their babies.

About This Item

  • It included: a Nanit Pro Camera; a wall mount; a small sensor-free breathing band (0–3 months); and 1 free year of the Insights Basic subscription plan
  • 1080p HD video allows you to see the baby from anywhere using the app. Nanit is the ONLY smart monitor with a split-screen feature that allows users to view two cameras on one screen
  • The wall mount is ASTM-certified for safe cord cover and offers easy installation with built-in level
  • The custom-designed pattern on Breathing Wear works with the Pro Camera to detect a baby’s breathing motion in almost any sleep position—without sensors! Nanit tracks breaths per minute and sends real-time sound and motion alerts through the app to your smartphone
  • Safely and securely add multiple users, control who sees what, and share your baby’s moments. 256-bit AES encryption provides exceptional security for your data. Nanit smart monitor is a baby registry must-have!
Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor - Baby Monitor Apps

Photo: Amazon

02. Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO Video Baby Monitor

This app pairs with the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro video baby monitor and is praised for its reliability and easy-to-use interface. It offers real-time video and sound with secure, encrypted transmission.

About This Item

  • Reliable Monitoring: Our patent-pending Active Noise Reduction technology filters out background noises in the nursery like fans, air purifiers, heaters, and air conditioners so you can hear your baby more clearly and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Never miss a moment using our baby monitor at home.
  • Ultra-Clear Video Quality: Our high-definition screen offers sharp video quality and enhanced night vision with 720P resolution for ultimate coverage. The closed-circuit camera system is hackproof, so the video feed is only viewable by you. Our highest-rated baby monitors ensure your baby’s safety.
  • Vivid Large 5″ Screen: The Infant Optics camera allows you to see more of your baby and its cute moments with an expansive 5-inch display. Its improved LCD screen offers better brightness, sharpened viewing angles, and a vivid color display, giving you exceptional clarity day and night, even in low-light settings.
  • Hack-Proof Connection: To assure that your kid’s room camera will never be accessed by a third party, we operate on a 2nd-generation FHSS closed circuit camera system, so only you can see and hear your baby. Each camera unit only pairs with one monitor unit, ensuring a secure and private connection for your family.
  • Full Viewing Control: Have complete control of your viewing angle with our baby monitor’s pan, tilt, & zoom functionality. Interchangeable lens technology allows you to swap between a zoom lens (up to 6X zoom) and a wide-angle lens (sold separately) without compromising video quality. Have complete control of your viewing angle and adjust what you see on the monitor for the best view of your baby at all times.
Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO Video Baby Monitor

Photo: Amazon

03. Owlet Dream Sock: Smart Baby Monitor

While primarily known for its smart sock that monitors a baby’s vital signs, the Owlet app also offers video streaming and can be integrated with their Owlet Cam for a complete

About This Item

  • Track Baby’s Sleep Trends Using Award-Winning Technology Wear it for every nap and bedtime to track your baby’s sleep indicators, including the number of wakings, heart rate, oxygen level, sleep quality, and total hours slept.
  • Personalized Sleep Program: From 4 to 12 months old, access Owlet’s award-winning sleep program and receive an adaptable sleep schedule tailored to your baby’s needs. See better sleep in as few as 7 days.
  • Connects to Devices on 2.4 GHz: For setup, both your Owlet device and phone or tablet need to be connected to 2.4 GHz. Perform setup within 10 feet of your router. After setup, you may move your phone or tablet back to 5 GHz.
  • Use Sleep Data and Expert Tips for Better Sleep – View your baby’s sleep data and helpful sleep tips from Owlet sleep experts to support your baby as they learn to embrace sleep and develop life-long healthy sleep habits.
  • See Sleep Quality Indicators: See the number of wakings, your baby’s heart rate, average oxygen level, and sleep movement, and make adjustments to support restful sleep for your baby during every nap and bedtime.
Owlet Dream Sock - Smart Baby Monitor

Photo: Amazon

04. Lollipop Baby Monitor

This app is designed to work with the Lollipop camera and is known for its friendly interface, true crying detection, and cross-border streaming capabilities.

About this item

  • ★【Contactless Breathing Monitoring】【*Subscription Required】No extra wearable sensor is required. By monitoring your baby’s breathing with AI technology, you’ll be able to view your baby’s respiratory rate and sleeping position history.
  • ★【Live View & Sharing Video】With 1080p Full HD quality, check on baby by looking at the Lollipop live feed on your tablet or smartphone from anywhere you are. You may also invite family to take a peek at your baby. Or send a link to a pre-recorded video of a specific event.
  • ★【Data History】 Does your little one fuss at the same time every day? Or does something specific make them upset? The longer you use the Lollipop, the more you’ll learn.
  • ★【Crying Detection】The Lollipop can tell the difference between ambient noises like wind and when your child needs attention. If the baby cries when you’re out of the room, you’ll receive an alert on your phone.
  • ★【Crossing Detection】Set a border inside the camera view to track movements in your baby’s crib. If anything happens outside the border, for instance, if the baby’s leg gets stuck, you’ll be notified.
Lollipop Baby Monitor (Turquoise) - with Contactless Breathing Monitoring (No Extra Sensor Required, Subscription Service), Sleep Tracking and True Crying...

Photo: Amazon

05. Baby Monitor 3G

A versatile and user-friendly app, Baby Monitor 3G works over any network: 3G, LTE, or Wi-Fi. It provides live video and vibration alerts and has a talk-back feature.

Baby Monitor 3G - Video Nanny & Camera

Photo: Amazon

06. Babycam: Supports Live Video Feed And Two-way Talk For Android Devices

For Android users looking for a reliable baby monitor app, BabyCam is a great choice. This app works with devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network or via Wi-Fi Direct. BabyCam supports a live video feed, allowing you to keep an eye on your little one from anywhere in your home. It also features two-way talk, enabling you to communicate with your baby and provide comfort when needed. Additionally, the BabyCam app supports picture-in-picture mode when used with Google Chrome.

Photo: Amazon

07. Cloud Baby Monitor: Unrestricted Range And Reliable Video Monitoring

Cloud Baby Monitor is a highly-rated app available on the App Store and Google Play Store. With this app, you can convert your Apple and Android devices into a reliable and easy-to-use video baby monitor. One device, such as an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android, is dedicated to capturing the video and audio, while the other device acts as the parent unit, providing you with a live video feed unrestricted by range limitations. The Cloud Baby Monitor also offers features like audio and motion alerts and two-way talk, allowing you to soothe your baby from a distance.

Photo: Amazon

08. Dormi: Free App For Android Users With Audio And Video Streaming

If you’re an Android user, Dormi is the perfect baby monitor app for you. This free app by Sleekbit provides both audio and video streaming, allowing you to hear and see your baby in real-time. Dormi offers features like adjustable sensitivity for audio monitoring, so you can customize it to your needs. It also supports two-way talk, enabling you to communicate with your baby even when you’re not in the same room.

09. Luna: Converts Two iPhones Or iPads Into A Secure Baby Monitor With Unlimited Range

If you have two iPhones or iPads lying around, Luna is the app you need to transform them into a secure baby monitor with unlimited range. With Luna, you’ll receive an alarm whenever your baby cries, ensuring you never miss any important moments. The app provides automated audio listening, allowing you to hear your baby even when you’re not actively monitoring the live video feed. Luna offers peace of mind by converting your devices into a reliable and secure baby monitor.

10. Parvel Home: Free App For Monitoring Babies

Parvel Home is a free app designed specifically for monitoring your baby. Available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, Parvel Home offers a range of features to ensure the safety and well-being of your little one. With this app, you can monitor your baby’s sleep patterns, receive alerts for events like diaper changes and feeding times, and even track your baby’s growth. Parvel Home provides you with all the tools you need to keep a close eye on your baby’s development.

Kids Need a Baby Monitor App: Ensure Safety and Peace of Mind


Frequently Asked Questions About The Baby Monitor Apps

What are the best free baby monitor apps for Android and iOS smartphones?

Some of the best free baby monitor apps include “Baby Monitor Annie” and “Dormi” for Android, and “Cloud Baby Monitor” for iOS. These apps offer essential features like live audio and video streaming.

How can I download baby monitor apps for Android and iOS smartphones?

You can download baby monitor apps from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Simply search for the app name and click ‘Install’ or ‘Get’.

Is there a baby monitor app that works with two phones?

Yes, apps like “Baby Monitor 3G” and “Dormi” allow you to use two phones, one as the child unit and the other as the parent unit, for monitoring.

What is the best free baby monitor app for Android?

“Dormi” is a highly recommended free baby monitor app for Android. It offers features like noise detection alerts and two-way audio communication.

Which baby monitor works best with a phone app?

The Nanit Plus and the Infant Optics DXR-8 are among the best baby monitors that work seamlessly with their respective phone apps, offering comprehensive monitoring features.

Are there any good free baby monitor apps?

Yes, apps like “Baby Monitor Annie” and “Dormi” offer free versions with basic monitoring features. However, for more advanced features, a paid version might be necessary.

Is there a free baby monitor app for Android?

Yes, “Dormi” and “Baby Monitor” are free apps available for Android users. They provide essential monitoring features without any cost.

Can I use a baby monitor app on two phones for free?

Yes, apps like “Baby Monitor 3G” allow you to use the app on two phones. While the app itself might not be entirely free, it offers a more affordable solution compared to traditional baby monitors.

Can I Use My Phone As A Baby Monitor?

Yes, you can use your phone as a baby monitor. There are various apps available for both iPhone and Android devices that allow you to turn your phone into a reliable and easy-to-use video baby monitor. These apps provide live video feeds, audio streaming, two-way talk, and other features.

Some popular options include the Cloud Baby Monitor and Dormi.

Is there an app that acts like a baby monitor?

Yes, there are several apps that act like baby monitors, such as Cloud Baby Monitor, Luna, Dormi, Parvel Home, and BabyCam. These apps allow you to use your phone or tablet as a video baby monitor, with features like live video feed, two-way talk, and picture-in-picture.

How Do I Turn My iPad into a Baby Monitor?

To turn your iPad into a baby monitor, download a reliable app like Cloud Baby Monitor. It works on Apple and Android devices, allowing one device to capture video and audio while the other acts as a monitor. This app ensures easy monitoring with an unlimited range.

What Age Do You Need a Baby Monitor?

There is no specific age for when a child no longer needs a baby monitor. Some parents stop using it around age two, while others continue to use it for longer.


In today’s busy world, parents need a reliable and convenient way to keep an eye on their little ones. That’s where a baby monitor app becomes essential. With apps like Cloud Baby Monitor and Dormi, parents can use their phones or tablets to transform them into secure baby monitors with unlimited range.

These apps not only provide audio and video streaming but also allow for two-way communication. So, whether you’re in the next room or miles away, you can rest assured knowing that your baby is safe and sound. Using your phone as a baby monitor is not only practical but also cost-effective.

Say goodbye to traditional monitors and embrace the convenience of a baby monitor app.

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